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Nigeria waste tire recycling to oil machine

On 22nd March 2013, our company received the second order after Congo on the continent of Africa. Actually our Nigeria customer had visited China as early as December of the year 2012 for the waste tire recycling to oil project research and choosing the best waste tire recycling machine supplier. Because of a great distance  around 11000KM between China and Nigeria, our customer is very cautious in choosing the machine supplier. Whether it is from the technology of waste tire recycling to oil,or the design, quality as well as the supplier’s professional degree, he has very strict requirements. Finally, when he back to Nigeria, after 3 months’ project preparation and comparison among suppliers , he came to China again and gave his order to DOING COMPANY. At the end of April, we arranged the waste tire recycling to oil machine delivery, and in early June our machine reached Lagos Port in Nigeria. Then in early July we send our engineer Mr Liu to Nigeria for the machine erection and commissioning as well as workers’ training. In mid August, our customer’s waste tire recycling to oil machine had been put into production. Until now, the machine is running well without any problem.
pyrolysis plant
Waste tire reccyling to oil machine under installation in customer's factory

According to our customer’s feedback, Nigeria is a very good market for waste tire recycling to oil. There waste tire price is 45.9USD/Ton, waste tire crude oil can be sold at 573USD/Ton and tire metal at 327USD/Ton.
Waste tire recycling to oil project has the features of high profit and fast cost recovery, we welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our factory.
tyre pyrolysis plant
Workers cutting waste tires to ensure continuous oil production

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