pyrolsysis plant project

12TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant project in Shanxi, China

Congratulation, on 3rd June, 2020, the installation of 12TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant has completed successfully in Shanxi, China which can dispose 12t waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires per day.

waste tire pyrolysis plant12TPD waste tire pyrolysis palnt running process

The first time this customer knew our company is to see our website online, then he left us his phone number on website. After three days talking on the phone, this customer directly came to our factory to see our company strength and quality of our waste tire pyrolysis plant. Before coming to our factory, this customer from Shanxi has visited other three equipment manufacturers. After comparing, he thought our machine configuration is better and the after-service can be guaranteed. So after another three days discussing, we signed the sales contract happily on 1st May.

As we have stock of this 12TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant in factory, it has arrived in Shanxi four days after we signed the sales contract. Then on 5th May, we sent engineers to Shanxi to help customer install the machine. Here are some pictures send back by our engineers.

waste tire pyrolysis plantFoundation construction of waste tire pyrolysis plant

waste tire to fuel oil yrolysis plantInstallation of pyrolysis reactor

waste tire pyrolysis plantDebugging waste tire pyrolysis plant

After a month of construction, on 3th June, our engineers has finished the installation and debugging of the waste tire pyrolysis plant. Then our customer begun to run this machine to dispose waste tires and the bag of oily sludge by his workers, after half month, he ordered another set of 12TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant again which has delivered to Shanxi from our factory.

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe second set waste tire pyrolysis plant delivered to Shanxi

We are so happy and honored that our customer can purchase DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant again. Doing Group offers not only the high quality waste tire pyrolysis plant, but also the perfect service. As a leading manufacturer in China with 10 years experience, buying waste tire pyrolysis plant from DOING Group, you will have nothing to worry. Contact us now!

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