pyrolysis plant process

What is catalytic pyrolysis technology?

catalytic pyrolysis  process
                          Catalytic pyrolysis technology can pyrolysis waste tire/plastic
Catalytic pyrolysis technology is a new technology for waste treatment developed quickly in recent years. In the early 90s, foreign scientists found that during the process of burning waste, it will produce extremely harmful carcinogens to human-Tetrachlorodibenzo- p-dioxin. Therefore, when the western developed countries study how to avoid producing secondary pollution when burning waste, they spend large sum of money to develop and research new garbage disposal technology. Waste pyrolysis technology is generally recognized by national environmental protection experts, they think this is a new road for waste harmless, reduction and recycling.

1.The theory of  catalytic pyrolysis technology.
Catalytic pyrolysis technology and burning are tow totally different process. Incineration is an exothermic process, and pyrolysis technology need to absorb a lot of heat. The main product of incineration are the carbon dioxide and water,  catalytic pyrolysis technology mainly take advantage of thermal instability of the organic matter in waste, under the condition of the anaerobic or anoxia, let organic produce cracking, after condensation to form a variety of new gas, liquid and solid, extract process of fuel oil, combustible gas.
In one word, the essence of  catalytic pyrolysis technology is the process by heating the molecular organic molecules, let it crack into many small molecular, which contains many complicated physical and chemical process.

2.The method of  catalytic pyrolysis technology.

Thermal decomposition process has a different catalytic pyrolysis method due to the heating way, the product shape, and the different  catalytic pyrolysis furnace structure. According to the different catalytic  pyrolysis temperatures, more than 1000 DHS C called high-temperature  catalytic pyrolysis, 600-700 DHS C called tepid solution, 600 DHS C hereafter called low temperature catalytic pyrolysis.Catalytic pyrolysis way has direct heating method and the indirect heating method according to the heating points.

3.The main characteristics of innovation catalytic pyrolysis technology.

(1)Combine of direct heating and indirect heating
(2)Set the mixed gas reaction device, make gas sufficient reaction.
(3)Use of advanced dust removal system, solve the waste catalytic pyrolysis gas emissions problem.

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