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How much oil can be got from pyrolysis of tyre?

The oil yield of waste tyre is between 40%-50% depending on different types of tyre, which means from 10ton waste tyre you can get about 4-5ton pyrolysis fuel oil.

There are different kinds of used tyres, and the amount of rubber contained is one of the factors affecting the oil output of used tyres The common waste tyres we have are mainly the following: For example, the output of large car tires, truck tires, engineering tires, cars, motorcycles, and bicycle tires is somewhat different. In general, the oil yield of used tires is about 40%-45%. 0.4 ton - 0.45 ton tyre pyrolysis oil, that is about 4000-4500liters of tyre oil can be got from 1ton waste tyre. According to the feedback from our customers who already installed our waste tyre pyrolysis plant, the relatively large waste tires will have a higher oil yield, and the smaller used tires will have a lower oil output.

pyrolysis of tyreDifferent oil yield of the common waste tyres

There are also other factors which can affect how much oil can be got from pyrolysis of tyre such as pyrolysis temperature and cooling effect of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant, etc.. A good pyrolysis temperature control is very important for good tyre oil output. If temperature too low, the tyre cannot fully pyrolyzed, to say nothing of high oil output. Similarly, if temperature too high, oil gas will run out of cooling system as the tail gas, then oil output will also has discount.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantThe reactor of waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Cooling effect of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant also greatly influence the tyre oil output. Cooling effect is decided by the heating exchanging area, a strong cooling system always have bigger cooling area. Good cooling effect can ensure all of the oil gas is condensed into oil and then get more oil from waste tyre.

tyre pyrolysis plantThe cooling system of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant

So there are many factors that can affect how much oil can be got from pyrolysis of tyre from the raw material to the pyrolysis plant. For same tyre, if you wanna get more oil, please do not feel hesitated to inquire us.


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