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Is it possible to make diesel from plastic?What machine can convert plastic into diesel?

Waste plastics are basically made of olefins in oil through polymerization reaction, and its chemical name is polyolefins. Through pyrolysis and refining processes, polyolefin macromolecules are broken and recombined, which means that waste plastics can be converted into an alternative energy non-standard diesel fuel for diesel engines. It is vividly said that the conversion of waste plastics to diesel is "where does it come from and where does it go back".

plastic to diesel 带联系方式.jpgThe plastic to diesel disposal methods

It needs two machines to work together to make diesel from plastic waste. The pyrolysis machine is used to recycle the waste plastic to pyrolysis oil, the waste oil distillation machine is used to refine the pyrolysis oil to diesel. The obtained diesel can be used to heavy machinery and diesel engines, such as excavators and other construction machines like this, generator, boiler, trucks, tractors, etc.

裂解油用途 2.jpgThe applications of pyrolysis oil

But there are many different types of plastic, not all plastics are suitable for recycling and making diesel. And the final diesel oil yield of different plastic is also different.

All kinds of plastic could be used for pyrolysis except the PVC and PET. But if the PVC and PET content is not much, less than 10%, then that’s okay for making diesel.

The diesel oil yields of different plastics are also different. If your plastic raw material contains much PP, PS,PE, then the plastic pyrolysis oil yield will be high, over 70%. If you process the mixed plastic, the plastic pyrolysis oil yield is estimated between 40%-60%. After distillation refining, the diesel yield is about 85% from pyrolysis oil.

700x550不同种类塑料的出油率1.jpgThe oil yield of different waste plastic materials

DOING waste plastic to diesel recycling machine---pyrolysis machine and waste oil distillation machine can ensure that waste plastic will be 100% converted to useful products in a green way. If you have plans to convert waste plastic into diesel, welcome to contact us for professional solutions and free quotations.

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