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Can the waste plastic pyrolysis plant process all the waste plastics?

Recent years, more and more people from all over the world want to invest in waste plastic recycling project because it can not only avoid the pollution problem caused by the waste plastics but also bring huge economic benefits. For the novices who just enter the industry, when collecting waste plastics processing materials, it must be noted that waste plastics pyrolysis plant cannot process all waste plastics, such as PVC and PET.

Under normal circumstances, most waste plastics can be processed by waste plastic pyrolysis plant through pyrolysis technology, such as pure PE, PP, PS, ABS plastics, white plastic sheets, instant noodles packing bags, plastic logo, paper-mill waste, etc. In addition, different waste plastics have different oil yields. The following picture is the waste plastic types can be processed by waste plastics pyrolysis plant and their oil yields for your reference.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant Oil yield of different kinds of waste plastic

And these waste plastics can be pyrolyzed into pyrolysis oil by waste plastic pyrolysis plant through the following four steps:

①Waste plastics feeding:Use the automatic feeder to directly load the waste plastics into the reactor of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

②Pyrolysis: The waste plastics delivered to the reactor is pyrolyzed under high temperature and oxygen-free conditions, oil gas is generated after reaching a certain temperature.

③Cooling: After being buffered in the buffer tank, the oil and gas enter the condensing system, and the oil gas can be effectively condensed into oil and fall into the oil tank.

④Tail gas and smoke purification: The remaining non-condensable combustible gas which can be used as fuel for heating the pyrolysis reactor after being treated by the tail gas cleaning system. And the smoke produced by the fuel can be purified and removed smell by desulfurization tower.

plastic pyrolysis plantThe process and product of waste plastic pyrolysis plant

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