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Can waste aluminum plastic panels be recycled? What machine should be used?

Waste aluminum plastic panels is recyclable. Because the waste aluminum plastic panels are easy to process, and ususlly contain aluminum and plastics. The aluminum can be sold directly, and plastics can be used for oil refining. Therefore, we can get the economic benefit from these waste aluminum plastic panels if we can properly process them. Currently, aluminum plastic recycling machine and waste aluminum plastic panels pyrosysis machine are the popular ways to recycle waste aluminum plastic panels. Come and find out.

waste aluminum plastic panelsWaste aluminum plastic panels

Way 1: Using aluminum plastic recycling machine to separate waste aluminum plastic panels into aluminum and plastic.

Aluminum plastic recycling machine adopts dry physical separation method, through crushing, grinding, sieving and electrostatic separation to separate the aluminum from plastic, the separation rate can reach to 99%, and this way will not damage the quality of aluminu. The separated aluminum of high quality can be sold directly on the metal trading market, or grinding the aluminum powder into 200 meshes, as the raw material of aerated brick and the price can reach to 2649USD. In fact, aluminum plastic recycling machine can not only process waste aluminum plastic panels, but also aluminum plastic foils, medical blister packs, etc., which has a wide range of appliance.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

Way 2: Using waste aluminum plastic panel pyrolysis machine to refine oil from waste aluminum plastic panels.

The process of waste aluminum plastic panel pyrolysis machine includes feeding, continuous pyrolysis, cooling, tail gas purification, discharge carbon black and fume treatment. Through these steps, you will get pyrolysis oil, carbon black and aluminum ingots. All of these products have a wide range of application, such as the pyrolysis oil can be the fuel of the steel factory, boiler heating, heavy oil generator, cement factory, etc., and the carbon black can be the additive of tire, paint and shoe soles. In addition, waste aluminum plastic panels pyrolysis machine can also process various waste tires, plastics, oil sludges and so on.

waste aluminum plastic panel pyrolysis machineWaste aluminum plastic panel pyrolysis machine

You can choose either of these two ways to process waste aluminum plastic panels. Because both of them can not only environmentally friendly, but also profitable.If you want to process waste aluminum plastic panels by aluminum plastic recycling machine and waste aluminum plastic panel pyrolysis machine, welcome to contact Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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