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What is an ideal temperature for waste tire pyrolysis?

Waste tire pyrolysis plant is an environmentally friendly recycling machine to process waste tires at high temperature to extract reusable resources, fuel oil, carbon black, syn-gas, etc. In this process, the pyrolysis temperature controlling is one of the decisive factors. After testing by DOING engineers, the temperature can be controlled at 200-450°C when the tire is pyrolyzed, and the temperature should be raised slowly. This temperature range can achieve higher oil yield and higher oil quality.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant pyrolysis process display 3D picture

Reasonable control of the waste tire pyrolysis temperature is also an effective way to increase the oil yield during the pyrolysis of waste tires. If the pyrolysis temperature is low, the tire cannot be fully pyrolyzed, and the oil gas produced will be less, directly affecting the pyrolysis rate and oil yield of the waste tire; but if the temperature is too high, the pyrolysis oil gas will grow explosively in a short time, resulting in the condensing system of waste tire pyrolysis plant cannot fully condense it, and finally the oil yield of tire pyrolysis oil will also become low.

DOING waste tire pyrolysis adopts external heating, micro-negative pressure, oxygen-poor, low-temperature pyrolysis process. The furnace body of the tire pyrolysis plant reactor is sealed to ensure that the gas does not leak out during the production process and improve the efficiency of thermal pyrolysis. At the same time, the unsafe hidden dangers and secondary pollution caused by gas leakage in the production process are fundamentally eliminated. And our equipment is equipped with the temperature digital control system, such as pressure gauge, safety valve as well as alarm bell, etc., so as to help customers better control temperature.

waste tire pyrolysis plant design detailsWaste tire pyrolysis plant pressure control devices display

Our pyroysis technology is well carried out in more than 90+ countries' customers pyrolysis sites. Besides waste tire pyrolysis, our pyrolysis plant can also be applied to recycling waste plastic and oil sludge pits, and all of them we have mature pyrolysis technology. So if you are interested in learning more details about our pyrolysis technology and machine details of pyrolysis plants, please feel free to send us inquries.

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