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How to recycle plastic into oil with pyrolysis plant?

Our pyrolysis plant can recycle plastic into oil, but not all plastics can be recycled into oil. For example, PVC and PET, organic plastic waste, etc. are not suitable for recycling into oil. So when customers choose raw materials, they should choose plastics with high oil yield, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS and so on.

So how does DOING pyrolysis plant recycle plastic into oil? Pyrolysis plant uses the principle of thermal cracking to convert high molecular compounds into a variety of low molecular compounds. Therefore, waste plastics are cracked into oil gas through our pyrolysis plant under low temperature and slight negative pressure. The oil gas is cooled into liquid oil through the cooling system, and finally oil and carbon black are obtained.

waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plantDOING waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant project picture

Plastic to oil pyrolysis recycling process introduction:

1. Heating: Feed waste plastics into the pyrolysis plant reactor until it is full, then close the door and start heating.

2. Pyrolysis: The pyrolysis reactor is heated by heating fuel such as a burner, wood, coal or LPG. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, the plastic pyrolysis process begins. Generally, oil gas will be produced when the heating is 2 hours;

3. Cooling: The oil gas is condensed into fuel oil through the cooling system;

4. Exhaust gas recovery: In the plastic to oil pyrolysis process, in addition to oil and gas, there will also be some flammable but non-condensable gas, which we call "exhaust gas". This gas can be directly recycled for heating the pyrolysis reactor to save fuel usage;

5. Carbon black discharge: After the pyrolysis process is over and the oil gas is exhausted, the residual substances inside the reactor need to be discharged to carry out a new pyrolysis process. These residual substances are mainly carbon black.

This final product---plastic pyrolysis oil can be used as a good heating fuel in various heavy industrial plants, such as steel plants, cement plants, boiler plants, power plants, etc. And the plastic pyrolysis fuel oil can also be refined and recycled into diesel fuel by waste oil distillation plant.

pyrolysis plant applicationWaste plastic pyrolysis plant final product and related applications

If you want to recycle plastic into oil and want to know more details of our pyrolysis plant for sale, please consult us for free.

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