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Is it able to recycle used car engine oil into diesel? How to do?

About 4L of used car engine oil is replaced each time a tire is serviced. The annual output of used car engine oil is large and easy to cause great harm to the environment. Then is is able to recycle used car engine oil into diesel? Glad to share you the answer is yes, and we can adopt waste oil distillation machine to recycle it, and the whole recycling process is environmentally friendly.

Doing waste oil distillation machine is specially designed for recycling the used car engine oil into diesel. It adopts the principle of high temperature distillation to improve the yield of diesel oil to 80%-85%. The waste oil distillation machine can recycle used car engine oil into diesel after the following three steps: distillation, cooling, decoloring and deodoring system.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine

First of all, start the oil injection pump and send the heat-conducting to the expansion tank. The heat-conducting oil heats the distillation reactor to fully volatilize moisture and emulsified oil.

After buffering in the buffer tank, the emulsified oil enters the catalytic tower and horizontal condenser, where it condenses into oil and is finally stored in the fraction tank. The non-condensable oil and gas are purified by a water seal and used as fuel to heat the distillation reactor.

Finally, the oil in the oil tank is transferred to the decoloring pot, and the white clay is added and stirred until the oil is decolorized. After filtering the fully mixed clay and oil with a leaf filter, a clearer oil can be obtained. Then it is finely filtered to remove impurities, and clean, bright-colored non-standard diesel can be obtained.

waste oil distillation machineWorkflow of waste oil distillation machine

Doing waste oil distillation machine has the advantages of long service life, high recycling efficiency, high oil output rate and good quality. The entire used car engine oil recycling process is safe, environmentally friendly, and can bring significant economic benefits. If you are also attracted by it, call us to get the free quote!

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