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50TPD Fully Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Order in India

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On November 23rd, 2023, Henan Doing Company, a leading supplier of pyrolysis equipment, is pleased to announce the signing of a contract with esteemed clients from India for the supply of a set of 50TPD fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies' efforts towards sustainable waste management and renewable energy production.

fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant in IndiaFully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant for sale features

Our Indian clients have engaged in the tire recycling industry in India for years, specializing in the production of reclaimed rubber from waste tires. With soaring oil prices and a robust market demand, our clients recognized the immense potential for establishing a tyre pyrolysis project. After conducting thorough feasibility studies, they were highly impressed with the viability and profitability of such a venture.

Seeking a professional pyrolysis plant manufacturer with expertise in continuous pyrolysis technology, the client came across Henan Doing Company through our official website. Our company's extensive experience in installing fully continuous pyrolysis plants caught their attention. Eager to explore further, the Indian client initiated inquiries and personally visited our facilities.

fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plantFully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant projects picture

After witnessing the operations firsthand, the client and their team were thoroughly impressed. Comparing various options available in the market, they acknowledged that Henan Doing Company stood out in terms of technical maturity, operational stability, and cost-effectiveness. It became evident that our fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant was the best choice for their requirements.

Subsequently, both parties worked closely to finalize and sign the contract, solidifying the partnership between Henan Doing Company and the Indian clients. The contract encompasses the supply, installation, and commissioning of a state-of-the-art, automated, and intelligent fully continuous tyre pyrolysis production line.

The fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant will enable our Indian client to process waste tires efficiently and transform them into valuable resources such as fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire. Henan Doing Company is proud to support our clients in their pursuit of eco-friendly and profitable waste tyre recycling practices and look forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership with more customers.

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