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Nigerian customer ordered a set of 14TPD waste oil refining machine from Doing Company

09-22-2022 15:30:39 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

On September 15, 2022, a customer from Osun State, Nigeria successfully ordered a 14TPD newly designed waste oil refinery from Doing Company.

The Nigerian customers operate his own business, and their business scope is relatively wide and their strength is also very strong. The main reason for purchasing waste oil distillation machine is to continue to expand their business areas in order to obtain more profits. Therefore, the customer decided to purchase a waste oil refining to diesel machine to recycle waste oil into diesel.

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Customers have also learned about the used oil refining industry and manufacturers before, but they are more concerned about the quality of equipment and the quality of the final product-diesel. After the customer learned about our company's strength and export experience through the exhibition, he immediately contacted our business manager. After understanding the specific needs of customers, our sales managers customize new waste oil refineries and conventional waste oil refineries for customers to choose from. In order to let him know more about these two equipment solutions, our sales manager made a detailed introduction and comparison for them.

精炼2.jpgDOING factory new design waste oil refinery machine

The meticulous service of the sales manager made this Nigerian customer trust us very much. And considering that customers cannot visit during the epidemic, our sales manager also invites customers to watch our manufacturing plant through video to understand the production strength of our Henan Doing company. The customer recognized our company very much and ordered a set of 14 newly designed waste oil refining to disesl machine.

It only took less than a month from the Nigerian customer's inquiry to the final cooperation with DOING. Thank you very much for your trust in Henan as a company. We have always been committed to helping customers succeed with high-quality equipment and professional services! If you are interested in our waste oil refining machine or waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant, please feel free to inquire.

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