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What is the alternative fuel used in the cement industry? How to produce it?

As we know, cement factories will consume a large quantity of heating fuels for converting stones into powder. Usually coal and diesel are commonly used as the heating energy, but now more and more cement factories are looking for economical heating fuel such as pyrolysis oil as the fuel substitute.

Pyrolysis oil is a high calorific value alternative fuel that can be used in the cement industry, which can be obtained from waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine. So, how is pyrolysis oil produced with the waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine?

Pyrolysis is the process of molecular breakdown where larger molecules are broken down into smaller molecules. In the process of pyrolyzing tire and plastic, long chain polymer is broken down into smaller chains of Pyrolysis Oil. Next let's have a brief introduction about its working process:

Working process of waste tire plastic pyrolysis machineWorking process of waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine

Put the waste tire/plastic into the reactor of the waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine and heat the pyrolysis machine, then the waste tire/plastic will be pyrolyzed to oil gas; after passing through the cooling system, the oil gas will be cooled into liquid pyrolysis oil, which is stored in the oil tank.

Then we can get the pyrolysis oil with the waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine, which can be used as alternative fuels in the cement factory. Besides that, we can also obtain carbon black and syn-gas as alternative fuels used in the cement factory.

1) Pyrolysis oil

The pyrolysis oil has a higher calorific value of about 44 MJ/kg and a lower price compared with the general coal, making it a popular alternative fuel used in cement factories. Apart from the cement factory, the pyrolysis oil can also be used as alternative fuel for industrial furnaces, power plants and boilers. Furthermore, after further processing of the waste oil distillation machine, this pyrolysis oil can be changed into diesel oil which can be directly used for diesel oil generators, tractors and trucks, etc.

Uses of obtained pyrolysis oil and dieselUses of obtained pyrolysis oil and diesel

2) Carbon black

After testing, the combustion value of the obtained pyrolysis carbon black could reach 7000Kcal/kg, which is almost equal to coal and charcoal, then after briquetting the carbon black into pellets with the Briquetting machine, it could be directly used as alternative fuels in the cement factory.

3) Syn-gas

After oil gas goes through the cooling system, there will be some uncondensable gas in addition to the pyrolysis oil, then the uncondensable gas will go through the tail gas cleaning system and the desulfurization tower to remove bad smell. Finally, we can get the syn-gas, which can be used to heat the reactor or transport to the cement factory as heating fuels.

DOING pyrolysis machine for saleDOING pyrolysis machine for sale

DOING has been specialized in manufacturing and supplying waste tire plastic pyrolysis machines for more than 13 years, which is committed to improving the pyrolysis technology and the quality of the obtained pyrolysis oil, carbon black and syn-gas. If you also want to produce pyrolysis oil and use it as an alternative fuel for the cement industry or other industrial heating uses, welcome to consult us for more information about the waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine.

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