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What fuel can we use to fire the reactor of pyrolysis plant?

The choice of heating fuel for pyrolysis reactor is based on multiple factors such as calorific value, availability, and sustainability. Here we offer multiple choices for you to choose from to fire the reactor of pyrolysis plant.

pyrolysis plant reactor heating fuelPyrolysis plant reactor heating fuel sources

1. Fuel usage in early heating stage to fire pyrolysis plant reactor

During the operation of pyrolysis plant, the initial heating stage usually uses common fuels such as diesel and natural gas to fire pyrolysis plant reactors. These heating fuels can be used to provide sufficient heat to heat the waste materials like waste tires plastic to the appropriate temperature for cracking and gasification reactions. The purpose of this initial heating stage is to break the large molecular bonds in the waste material into smaller molecules until the gases crack out and break down into non-condensable combustible gases and other chemicals.

In addition, pyrolysis plants can also use coal, wood and other fuels in the initial heating stage. The furnace structure below it will also be different from that of oil-burning or gas-burning. DOING Company's engineers can recommend a suitable heating source and design and modify the pyrolysis reactor furnace structure according to your requirements and conditions.

pyrolysis plant reactor heating furnacesDifferent designs of pyrolysis plant reactor heating furnaces

2. Fuel usage in subsequent heating stages to fire pyrolysis plant reactor:

Once the pyrolysis plants begin to steadily produce flammable non-condensable gas(syn-gas), we can use the syn-gas as the main heating fuel. The non-condensable gas is an important by-product produced by solid waste pyrolysis plant. It has high calorific value and flammability.

In addition, pyrolysis oil is also a good heating source. We can use the produced pyrolysis oil to fire the reactor of pyrolysis plant. The pyrolysis oil can be extracted from pyrolysis plants. Therefore, the pyrolysis oil can be used to fire the reactor of pyrolysis plant directly. By reintroducing pyrolysis oil and syn-gas into the pyrolysis plant for heating, energy self-sufficiency can be achieved.

Whether you process waste plastic and tire by pyrolysis plants, you can get the main product pyrolysis oil. The pyrolysis oil is a kind of very good heating fuel, with 10592.48Kcal/kg calorific value, which is much higher than that of coal. Therefore, it has a very good market in different countries.

The pyrolysis oil is mainly used as fuel in heavy industries such as cement plants, glass factories, ceramic factories, brick factories, heavy oil power plants, steel factories, and boiler factories and warm supply centers and so on.

waste to fuel energy pyrolysis plantApplications of pyrolysis oil extracted from pyrolysis plant

If there are fewer heavy industrial plants in your country, you can also sell the pyrolysis oil to some large refineries, or you can buy pyrolysis oil distillation plants to refine the pyrolysis oil into diesel, which can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as diesel burners, engines, generators, ships, trucks, tractors, engineering machinery and so on.

So if you are interested in more information about DOING pyrolysis plants for sale, please feel free to contact us. We have a professional business team and technical personnel to provide solutions in time!

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