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Mongolia Waste Tire Management Strategy: Pyrolysis Tire to Oil

There are so many waste tires in Mongolia for management and recycling. Waste tires are an underestimated resource that can create better economic and environmental benefits through rational utilization. Now I am introducing a pyrolysis machine which can convert tires to fuel oil. This can not only reduce the amount of waste tires, but also generate a considerable profit from selling fuel oil.

waste tire pyrolysis machineWaste tire to fuel oil pyrolysis machine

We have batch type, semi continuous type and fully continuous type waste tire pyrolysis machines for sale in Mongolia, from 100kg/day, 500kg/day -50tpd capacity per set. You can choose the suitable one based on your specific demands. And our sales manager and engineer team can also customize multiple tires to fuel oil pyrolysis processing lines.

The whole waste tire to fuel oil pyrolysis process includes the following three steps:

The first step is feeding. You can choose to hire workers or use the auto-feeder to feed the waste tire materials.

The second step is pyrolysis. After the feeding is completed, the burners need to be opened to heat the pyrolysis reactor, where waste tyres will be cracked into oil gas and carbon black. Next, the temperature will gradually increase from 200 degrees to about 400 degrees, ensuring that the oil is refined clean.

The third step is the oil gas condensation stage. Our waste tire pyrolysis machines have two designs of oil gas cooling system. Both of them can ensure the big cooling area and oil gas efficiency. In addition, all condensers use circulating cooling water, achieving zero discharge of waste water.

After the above pyrolysis process, you can fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, syn-gas. The applications of the waste tire pyrolysis final products are as the picture shows.

waste tire pyrolysis machineApplications of waste tire pyrolysis final products

By implementing a plan to install pyrolysis machines in Mongolia to convert waste tires or other solid wastes like waste plastic/oil sludge/coal tar, etc. into valuable products like tire-derived oil, steel, and carbon black. This infrastructure investment can support waste tire management while creating opportunities for economic growth. If you want to do this business in Mongolia, welcome to consult us for more information and guidance.

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