pyrolysis plant video

DOING pyrolysis plant manufacturing factory tour live

In this video, our sales manager showed the samples of our pyrolysis plant and some manufacturing process in our factory. Besides that, she also showed us the delivery of our oil sludge pyrolysis plant. Welcome to click and learn more details.

By watching it, you can have a more intuitive feeling for our factories and equipment. Now we have three types of pyrolysis plants: skid-mounted pyrolysis plant, batch type pyrolysis plant and fully continuous pyrolysis plant. DOING pyrolysis plants have been recognized by many customers and exported to over 100 countries, such as the United States, Italy, India, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Nigeria, etc.

As shown in the video, from equipment selection, manufacturing to delivering, DOING can provide full services for you. Our pyrolysis plant adopts the latest technology and the best materials to enhance the good quality and safety. And our pyrolysis plant are equipped with environmental protection systems, like dedusting and desulfrization system to realize non-pollution. What's more, our 3 steps cooling system fully cools the oil gas and gets the high oil yield.

If you have a need for the waste recycling plant, welcome to contact us to get more details and free quotes!

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