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What is the role of rubber powder equipment in waste tire pyrolysis project?

Starting a waste tire pyrolysis plant is a very popular and profitable project, which can pyrolyze waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. And in waste tire pyrolysis projects, now more and more investors adopt rubber powder equipment to process the waste tires into rubber powder. Because the rubber powder equipment plays an important role in realizing the continuous work of waste tire pyrolysis equipment, reducing the pyrolysis time and increasing the pyrolysis oil yield.

rubber powder equipmentThe picture of rubber powder equipment

Normally the batch pyrolysis equipment can pyrolyze the whole tires, this processing way is simple and easy to operate. But if you adopt rubber powder equipment to process the waste tire into rubber powder, then you will have the following three surprises.

First, the rubber powder has a higher degree of crushing than tires and has a smaller footprint. The pyrolysis reactor can handle more tonnage of rubber powder at one time. Second, the contact area between the rubber powder and the pyrolysis reactor is larger than the whole tires, the required pyrolysis time is shorter, which is helpful to increase the rate of pyrolysis oil output. Third, the entire rubber powder pyrolysis process does not require pulling requires wire processing, and there will not be too many wires accumulating in the reactor to affect the continuous operation of the equipment, and the slag discharge is convenient.

Considering all the advantages above, the rubber powder equipment is often adopted in the fully continuous pyrolysiss waste tire pyrolysis plant project, and that’s the fundamental design of fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis equipment. The fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis equipment has high efficiency and it can continuously feed &discharge slag to keep working for one month, that’s why the rubber powder equipment plays the important role in waste tire pyrolysis project.

continuous pyrolysis plantThe 3D picture of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

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