pyrolysis plant process

Can plastic be made into fuel, how to make crude oil from plastic?

As we all know that the main component of plastic is synthetic resin which the content is usually 40-100% of the total weight of plastic. And synthetic resin is mainly made of petroleum and natural gas. Now it’s not difficult to understand that plastic contain oil, so if plastic could be decomposed, sure plastic could be made into fuel. Then how to make crude oil from plastic is what we are going to explore here.

make oil from plasticSynthetic resin is the main component of plastics

Firstly, many people should had the experience to burn some kind plastic goods. Did you ever find that when you burning the plastics, it’s melted and dripped drop by drop? Then have you ever thought why it is? I think most people should have already known the answer. It’s because of the oil content inside the plastic. Ok. Now let’s think if we put plastic into a vessel, and heat it to high temperature till plastic inside the vessel is melted and decomposed, will the oil contained in plastic become oil gas and be evaporated out?

make oil from plasticBurning plastics

Based on this assumption, that’s how plastic pyrolysis to fuel oil technology was developed. Pyrolysis is a process of high polymer cracked into low polymer. The pyrolysis reaction is mainly reflected in C-C bond fission with CH bond fission at the same time. This thermal effect should be a high endothermic process, which required higher energy from outside than C-C bon energy. Only this way, the reaction could be proceeded smoothly. Plastic pyrolysis is the process that we put plastic into a oxygen-free or mionectic and sealed vessel, then start heating, till plastic pyrolyzed. Through the plastic pyrolysis process, the outputs are syngas and solid waste. For the syngas, of which, most part is the oil gas that could be condensed to crude fuel oil. The remaining part is the uncondensable gas, but is flammable, which could be directly recycled and used as heating fuel for the pyrolysis process itself. As for the solid waste, the main content is the carbon black, which is also the raw material for making plastics.

how to make crude oil from plasticWaste plastics pyrolysis to fuel oil process

Normally, the required temperature for plastic pyrolysis is around 300-600℃ depends on different plastics. And through experiment, PE and PP plastics are the best for pyrolysis to fuel oil. Also because the main component of PE and PP plastics are made of petroleum. Now in our daily life, every day we generate big amount of waste plastics, include all kinds of packages, agricultural films, woven bags, tins and bottles, etc. All of these waste plastics could be disposed by the pyrolysis process for recycle use. Compared to landfill, incineration, pyrolysis does not generate secondary pollution, also bring high benefit, both social and economic.

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