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What is Pyrolysis Plant?-Pyrolysis Plant For Sale from Professional China Manufacturer

In the rapidly evolving field of sustainable energy production, pyrolysis plants have gained significant attention. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of pyrolysis plants, including their definition, applications, feedstock, final products, machine types, and reliable pyrolysis plant manufacturer.

1. Pyrolysis Plant Definition

Pyrolysis plant here means the waste recycling and treatment machine that can convert wastes like waste tire, plastic, oil sludge, etc. Into valuable products like pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis gas, carbon black.

Pyrolysis is a well-established technique that breaks down complex organic compounds into simpler components via high temperatures and a controlled environment.

pyrolysis plantThe operation site of DOING pyrolysis plant

2. Pyrolysis Plant Applications

Pyrolysis plants are a popular industry, favored by investors for their environmental protection, high feasibility and high profits. Some national governments even issue subsidies and incentive policies to promote environmentally friendly waste pyrolysis and recycling projects. And pyrolysis plant offers new business opportunities and has wide applications:

(1)Municipal waste recycling

(2)Waste to energy project

(3)Energy recovery from waste

(4)Waste to electricity/power

(5)Pollution control

(6) Municipal solid waste(MSW) management and treatment

(7)New and renewable fuel oil energy

(8)Environment Protection

(9)Produce alternative heating fuel for industrial factory uses to reduce operation cost

3. Pyrolysis Plant Feedstock Raw Materials

Today's world generates millions of tons of waste every month. Compared with other waste processing methods like incineration, landfill, pyrolysis plant is more effective and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we can convert these wastes into energy worth billions of dollars. A variety of polymer waste materials is suitable as the feedstock for pyrolysis plant.

The raw material of pyrolysis plantThe raw material of pyrolysis plant

Below is a list of suitable raw materials for pyrolysis plants and their oil yields:

(1)Waste Plastic (30-85%)

Plastic scrap material or mixed plastic like HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, Nylon, Teflon, PS, ABS, waste plastic from waste paper mill, aluminum plastic composite materials, etc.

(2)Waste Rubber (30-52%)

Rubber material, rubber powder, car tyres, truck tyres, bicycle tires, all kinds of rubber sheets or carpets, rubber yoga mats, etc.

(3)Waste Oil Sludge (20-70%)

Different states of oil sludge pit/mud/sands, petroleum oily sludge, coal tar oil residue, etc.

4. Pyrolysis Plant Working Process

The working principle of a pyrolysis plant involves the process of thermal decomposition in the absence of oxygen, known as pyrolysis. It involves molecular breakdown of larger molecules into small molecules.

The common pyrolysis plant working process mainly include raw material pre-treatment(necessary for continuous pyrolysis plant), feeding, pyrolysis, oil gas cooling, exhausted gas purification, carbon black discharging, etc. And here is the 3D working process video of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

As we can see, under high temperature, the waste tyres in a sealed pyrolysis reactor will be heated for pyrolysis and produce oil gas. Then oil gas goes through the sealed pipe into the following professional cooling condensers. Then the circulating water in the condensers will cooling down oil gas to oil, and this oil called pyrolysis oil.

5. Pyrolysis Plant Final Product Applications

By pyrolysis, we can recycle wastes and convert them into usable products like pyrolysis oil, carbon black and pyrolysis syn-gas. But different types and specifications of raw materials have different oil yields.

(1)Pyrolysis Oil can be directly sold to those heavy industries, like cement factories, brick factories, glass factories, steel factories, milling factories etc. Or we can refine the pyrolysis oil into diesel with waste oil distillation plant.

(2)Carbon black can be briquetted for heating uses, or refined for making new tires, shoe soles, paint.

(3)Pyrolysis syn-gas is consumed to generate heat required for pyrolysis process, saving investment cost.

All these products have wide applications and can be sold at good prices to make great profits for pyrolysis plant investors. Here is the profit analysis of pyrolysis plant for your reference: waste tire pyrolysis plant profit analysisThe profit analysis of DOING 15TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant

6. Different Types of Pyrolysis Plants For Sale

Based on the different needs of different customers for processing capacity, working methods, and degree of automation, Henan Doing Company's engineer team has developed three types of pyrolysis plants: batch type pyrolysis plants, semi-continuous pyrolysis plants and fully continuous pyrolysis plant.

Pyrolysis plant types Different types of pyrolysis plants for sale

These three types of pyrolysis plants have different processing capacities, automation degree, and features. Relatively speaking, the pyrolysis plant cost will also vary from your requirements, from USD 20,000 to 550,000+USD. Welcome to click to learn more details or contact us for machine quotation list.

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pyrolysis plants & waste oil distillation plantThe projects cases of DOING pyrolysis plants & waste oil distillation plants

Henan Doing Company, a leading brand of pyrolysis plant manufacturer, we have successfully exported pyrolysis plants and related pyrolysis oil refining machine-waste oil distillation plant in 100+ countries and regions etc. We have developed sustainable high quality pyrolysis plants and offer all-around technical services to support industrial pyrolysis of various wastes, which is highly praised for many customers. Welcome to send us your inquiry if you have plans for developing related pyrolysis plant business!

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