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What benefits we can get from waste tyre recycling machine?

Nowadays, Landfill and burning waste tyres is not the only way to disposal waste tyres.  Moreover landfill and burning will cause pollution to environment and also waste lots of land. And now waste tyres can recycle by waste tyre recycling machine then pyrolysis waste tyre to fuel oil and diesel under some conditions.
But, what benefits we can get from recycling waste tyres?
First, we can get fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire by pyrolysis. In Mexico, our customer told us, fuel oil price is about 650usd per ton. And also diesel oil has a nice price about 800usd per ton. Let’s see a profit analysis from DOING Macedonia client:

Profit analysis from Macedonia cutomer(10 tons capatity)
Cost for one batch
NO. Item Cost of each batch
1 10 tons of waste tire 10T*USD 42.5/t=USD 425
2 0.4 tons of coal 0.4T*USD 70/t=USD 28
3 Electricty and water 244 kwh*USD0.26=USD 63.44
4 Workers 4*USD 15=USD 60
5 Total cost USD 576.44
Income for one batch
1 Crude oil 4.5T*USD960=USD 4320
2 Steel wire 10T*15%*USD350/T=USD 525
3 Carbon black 3T*USD 20/T=USD 60
  Total income USD 4905
1 Daily profit USD 4328.56
2 Month profit 4328.56*25 days=USD 108214
3 Annual profit USD 108214*10 months=USD 1082140

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