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How many options for waste tyre pyrolysis plants for sale?

As a world-leading pyrolysis plamnt manufacturer and supplier, we Henan Doing Company have mainly three different options for waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale, and they are respectively batch model, semi-continuous model and fully continuous model pyrolysis plants. The following are about their differences so that you can basically know which option fits you most.

Firstly, no matter batch model, semi-continuous model or fully continuous model pyrolysis plants, they all have the same application, which is used to extract fuel oil from waste rubber tyre, plastic, oil sludge, etc. And the oil output for the same raw material also has no big difference.

For batch model waste tyre pyrolysis plant, the process is feeding, heating for start up, oil producing, reactor cooling down, then carbon black slagging and finally taking out steel wire from the pyrolysis reactor, each process has to start after the former process is finished. The batch waste tyre pyrolysis plant will have to discharge pyrolysis carbon black and steel wire before doing the next batch.

batch pyrolysis plant for saleBatch model waste tyre pyrolysis plant

For fully continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, just as its name implies, it can work continuously, such as feeding continuously, oil producing continuously and carbon black slagging continuously, no need to stop for reactor cooling down and carbon black slagging, it can be continuous working without stop for one month. It is suitable for investors who has high requirements for big processing capacity, high automation degree, and high environmental protection degree.

fully continuous pyrolysis plant for saleFully continuous model waste tyre pyrolysis plant

The operation of semi-continuous model pyrolysis plant has features of both batch and fully continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant. It can do feeding continuously, but the pyrolysis process is the same as batch model pyrolysis plant. It works batch by batch, but it can discharge more efficiently than batch model pyrolysis plant, achieve three batches pyrolysis production in two days. It also has the same requirements on the condition of feeding stock with fully continuous pyrolysis plant. For both semi-continuous and fully continuous pyrolysis plants, waste tyres should be crushed into 5-10Mesh rubber granules and all steel wire removed in order to make sure the smooth feeding and discharging and keep the plant running continuously.

semi-continuous pyrolysis plant for saleSemi-continuous model waste tyre pyrolysis plant

In conclusion, for batch waste tyre pyrolysis plant, whole tyre can be fed into reactor without any cutting. It has relatively cheaper prices than other two types of pyrolysis machine, with a lower industry entry barriers. But its degree of automation is not as good as semi-continuous and fully continuous model. During the operation, fully continuous and semi-continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is better sealed than the batch one, so it is relatively more environmentally friendly, but their prices will be relatively higher.

No matter which kind of waste tire pyrolysis plant you want to choose, or can't make a choice among the three options, please feel free to send your inquiry for quotations. Henan Doing Company will customize suitable waste tyre pyrolysis plant solutions for you at factory prices! We have rich machine customization and installation experience!

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