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What is the difference between tyre pyrolysis oil and distillation diesel?

Tyre pyrolysis oil and distillation diesel are different in many aspects. Here let us explore their differences in produce, chemical composition and application.

1. Produce

Tyre pyrolysis oil is the end product of waste tyres pyrolysis. Waste tyre contain oil components. Heat waste tyre inside the pyrolysis plant under no-oxygen condition, then the waste tyre can be cracked into about 45% pyrolysis oil, 35% carbon black and 15% steel wire.

tyre pyrolysis oilWaste tyres cracked into pyrolysis oil by pyrolysis plant

Distillation diesel is the product of tyre pyrolysis oil after refined by pyrolysis oil distillation plant. Besides, the waste engine/motor oil can also be turned into distillation diesel with this machine, too. The whole refining process includes distillation, cooling, decoloring and deodoring system with 80-85% high diesel output.

diesel oilDiesel from tyre pyrolysis oil

2. Composition

Tyre pyrolysis oil contains a large amount of unsaturated compounds such as diolefins and aromatic hydrocarbons, which lead to its color to be dark brown if placed in the air, and there is a viscous polymer precipitate produced. The following is the SGS test report of DOING tyre pyrolysis oil for reference:

tyre to oilSGS analysis report of waste tire pyrolysis oil

Distillation diesel is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen and some oxygen. The color is tea yellow or brown. Pyrolysis oil distillation plant DOING group supplied can purify the pyrolysis or waste oil into lighter colored oil. The following is the SGS test report of DOING distillation diesel for reference:

pyrolysis oil distillationSGS analysis report of distillation diesel

3. Application

Tyre pyrolysis oil is widely used as industrial fuel to substitute furnace oil or industrial diesel. Typical industrial applications of tyre pyrolysis oil as a fuel, the fuel oil is mainly used in machine do not require high quality fuel oil, like steel factory, boiler heating, cement factory, even heavy oil generator etc. If refined, distillation diesel can be generated, which can be used for diesel generator, diesel fuel for heating, heavy machinery etc while not be used directly in automotive engines.

pyrolysis oil applicationTyre pyrolysis oil application

In addition, waste plastics and waste rubbers also can be converted into pyrolysis oil by the pyrolysis plant. The plastic/rubber oil have similar properties with tyre pyrolysis oil above. More details about pyrolysis oil and distillation diesel, welcome to contact us freely.

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