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What safeguards do you have on your waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

Our waste tyre pyrolysis plant is operated at near zero pressure.
 For further safety:
1.We have 2 pressure valves(one is in front of reactor and the other is behind of the reactor), and one alarm bell. We set a number on the pressure gage, like 0.3-0.4mpa, once the pressure of the waste tire pyrolysis machine reach this number, alarm bell will ring, if there is no one around the waste tyre pyrolysis plant, pressure valve will open automatically to release the pressure inside the pyrolysis  reactor.
2. Oil-water device. There is water inside the oil-water device, gas pipe is under the surface of water, because the pressure of water, the oil gas cannot go back to reactor, which can prevent the gas reflux to the reactor and avoid blast.
3.Water seal device。The function of water seal device is the same with oil-water device.
4. Vaccum system. Vacuum system is the special devices of our waste tyre pyrolysis plant, which can ensure the whole plant, operate under a negative pressure, and escape the hazard of high pressure in the inner system.

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