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Is pyrolysis allowed in the Philippines?

Pyrolysis plant can recycle solid wastes such as used tires, waste plastic and waste oil sludge, etc. into fuel oil. You can not only protect the environment but also convert waste into energy. It is very popular all over the world. And in the Philippines, pyrolysis plant projects are allowed and very hot. Most investors consider this market and plan to start it.

pyrolysis plantWaste tyres/plastics pyrolysis plant

However, the Philippines has strict environmental protection standards for the setting up of industrial plants. Therefore, when conducting pyrolysis plant relative waste management business, Filipino customers are advised to choose green pyrolysis machine.

Henan Doing Company has installed pyrolysis plants in 100+ countries, including the Philippines and other European countries, which have strict environmental protection standards.

项目案例4.jpgHenan Doing Company has installed pyrolysis plants in 100+ countries

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Our pyrolysis machine has mature pyrolysis technology and is equipped with environmental protection treatment control systems, such as: waste water environmental protection treatment control, exhaust gas environmental protection treatment control and dust environmental protection treatment control, to ensure that waste discharge can meet national standards.

Environmental protection deviceEnvironmental protection device

If you want to do this project in the Philippines, just feel free to contact Henan Doing Company. We would like to help you step by step from pyrolysis machine selections, pyrolysis plant planning, plant construction approval, pyrolysis machine installation, technician training, etc.

Guidance for setting up pyrolysis plants in the Philippines:

1. Raw material Selection

You could firstly research the market for which kind of waste is cheaper, tires or plastic or something else. Then calculate the profit. You could regard factors below:

For used tires, you can get stable oil yield about 45%, about 30% carbon black, about 15% steel wire and about 10% syngas.

For mixed plastic, you can get about 60% oil yield, about 30% carbon black and 10% syngas. If you feed dry clean and pure plastic, the oil yield will be higher, about 85% to 90%.

Normally plastic oil quality is higher than tire oil, carbon black quality from tires is higher than plastic. You could choose materials according to your uses.

2. Choose suitable scale pyrolysis machine

DOING Company has different types of pyrolysis machines for sale in Philippines, skid-mounted frame design pyrolysis machine, batch pyrolysis machine, semi-continuous pyrolysis machine, fully continuous pyrolysis machine. Their processing capacities from small to big is about 100KG-50+TPD.

pyrolysis plantDifferent type pyrolysis plant

3. Electricity Consumption

Normally you need about 15-25KW power.

4. Labor Hiring

For the whole pyrolysis plant line, you need about 3-4 workers.

5. Pyrolysis Plant Land Preparation

The land you need to prepare mainly depends on the pyrolysis plant scales. Taking 10/12 tons waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant as an example, it takes about 300-450 square meters.

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