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What's the preparatory work for setting up a waste plastic pyrolysis plant in UAE?

In the UAE, the plastic pyrolysis plant project has become more and more popular because it can not only achieve environmentally friendly recycling of waste plastics, but also offers great profitable business opportunities. If you also want to engage in the waste plastic recycling business, here are some tips for you to do the preparatory works before setting up a waste plastic pyrolysis plant in UAE.

pyrolysis plantThe pyrolysis plant 3D  picture

1.Prepare a complete business plan

A complete business plan can help you start the business more smoothly. Depending on the desired size of your waste tire pyrolysis plant, you can prepare for the investment fund for collecting the waste plastics, renting a plant land and acquiring the waste plastic pyrolysis machines. If you don't have any experience in the industry, it may be a good idea to start by setting up a smaller waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

2.Find the material source and final product market

applicationThe finnal product and application

As a first step in setting up a waste plastic pyrolysis plant, you need to identify local opportunities to source waste plastics and sell processed fuel oil, the main product, to customers.

You need to find suppliers who could provide stable waste plastic according to the planned processing capacity for you at relatively cheap prices. And as for the main final product, fuel oil, it can be sold to industrial factories like bolder factories, cement factories, steel mills, etc.

3.Prepare a suitable land or factory

Before installing the waste plastic pyrolysis plant, you need to find a suitable land for placing the waste plastics, waste plastic pyrolysis machines and the final products. And you need to consider the location factors, such as zoning and permits, adequate space for storage, unloading and loading, as well as road access.

It's better to find the land or factory in industry park, but the normal land for industry use is also okay.Take the 10tpd and 12tpd processing capacity as example, you need to prepare a plant land with 30m long and 15m wide.

4.Buy waste plastic pyrolysis machine

The waste plastic pyrolysis machine quality has great influence on the profits of setting up a waste plastic pyrolysis plant. You can compare the waste plastic pyrolysis machine manufactures from many aspects like company strength, machine technology, customers feedback, etc as to buy the most cost-effective machines.

700项目案例600-385_副本.jpgThe project cases

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