Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant project report

To achieve a green way for processing the waste tyres, we developed the waste tyre pyrolysis plant for dealing with the waste tyres. This way not only can make disposal for the waste tyres, you also can get valuable products, like fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire for all kinds of commercial use. It’s a low investment but high benefit project.

Why do we want to do the waste tyre pyrolysis plant project?

With auto industry growing strongly, 50%-55% raw rubber are used for tire manufacturing every year. Auto should change tires every 30,000-50,000 km, in this way, 17 million tons waste tires produced in one year.

tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre burning

Waste tyre/plastic/rubber is refractory and needs hundreds of years before not affecting plants growth in the earth.It takes up quantities offarmland, breeding some diseases (dengue fever etc), destroys vegetation. If used for fuel or burned, no plants will grow in surrounding field. Thus to figure out an efficient and environmental way to dispose the waste tyres is such important for the green world.

How to find a best way to process waste tyres?

To achieve a green way for processing the waste tyres, we developed the waste tyre pyrolysis plant for dealing with the waste tyres. This way not only can make disposal for the waste tyres, you also can get valuable products, like fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire for all kinds of commercial use. It’s a low investment but high benefit project.

tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis plant

What other waste can be processed by the waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

Except waste tyres, this pyrolysis plant also can be applicable to waste plastics or rubbers.

The final products are as below:

From tyres: fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire

From plastics and rubbers: fuel oil, carbon black

tyre pyrolysis plant projectWaste tyre pyrolysis plant application

What’s the working principle of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

1. Put raw materials into reactor by auto-feeder, then heat the reactor with any one of the following fuel materials: coal, wood, natural gas, oil. Do not stop heating the reactor, when the temperature reaches nearly 250 degree Celsius, waste tyre will be transferred to oil gas.

2. The liquid oil will be cooled by condenser from oil gas and then collected by oil tank. Third, the exhaust gas which can not be cooled in normal pressure will be recycled to heat the reactor. In this way, you can not only saving energy, but also protecting environment.

3. Smoke produced by processing the tyres/plastics can achieve national emission standard through dual desulfurization and dusting removal device.

4. After you get oil, the temperature will be low, at this time, carbon black will be discharged automatically.

Last, when the temperature falls to 100 degree Celsius, worker could put steel wire hook to reactor to take steel wire out. After all these steps, you can start another batch.

tyre pyrolysis plant project reportWaste tyre pyrolysis plant working principle

How to make profit analysis of the waste tyre pyrolysis project?

Here I have the profit analysis made by our Macedonia customer. Below please check it for your reference. (Note: This analysis was made in 2012, the statistics are not new.)

  Profit analysis from Macedonia cutomer(10 tons capatity)
Cost for one batch
NO. Item Cost of each batch
1 10 tons of waste tire 10T*USD 42.5/t=USD 425
2 0.4 tons of coal 0.4T*USD 70/t=USD 28
3 Electricty and water 244 kwh*USD0.26=USD 63.44
4 Workers 4*USD 15=USD 60
5 Total cost USD 576.44
Income for one batch
1 Crude oil 4.5T*USD960=USD 4320
2 Steel wire 10T*15%*USD350/T=USD 525
3 Carbon black 3T*USD 20/T=USD 60
  Total income USD 4905
1 Daily profit USD 4328.56
2 Month profit 4328.56*25 days=USD 108214
3 Annual profit USD 108214*10 months=USD 1082140


How to choose the waste tire pyrolysis plant?

Since this pyrolysis plant is similar as pressure vessel, which requires high standard quality control and safety measures. When you are ready to buy the machine, there are several important points that you need to pay more attention to:

--- Quality control

--- Safety measures

--- Environmental protection measures

--- Supplier experience

How is DOING’s experience?

tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis plant installation in different country

We DOING Company as a leading company for manufacturing and supplying waste tire and plastic recycling machinery has specialized in this field for almost 10 years, 4 years for domestic market, 6 years for international trade.

By now, we have installed hundreds of machines in more than 30 countries all over the world:

Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Congo, Uganda;

Europe: Romania, Poland, Italy, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Estonia;

Asia: Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Iran, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE;

America: Mexico, Ecuador, Haiti, Guatemala, Aruba, Panama, Jamaica, Colombia.

And we have very professional engineers which can sent to your site for machine installation, commissioning and training your workers.

How is the after-sale service?

--- Delivery time - It will be 10-15 days after we receive the deposit.

--- The installation period for one set machine is about 20-30days.

--- During the installation period, buyer should pays $60.00 per day to our engineer and the accommodation ; And buyer should take charge of the round trip air tickets for our engineer fly to your country.

--- Warranty: 1 year for free, except man-made damage.

Welcome you come to our factory for a visiting!


Technical parameter of used of waste tyre pyrolysis plant technical data

No. Items Contents
1 Equipment type DY-1-6 DY-1-8 DY-1-10
2 Raw material Waste tyre Waste tyre Waste tyre
3 Structural form Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation
4 24-hour Capacity 6 ton 8 ton 10 ton
5 Oil yield 2.7-3.3ton 3.6 -4.4ton 4.5 -5.5ton
6 Operating pressure Normal Normal Normal
7 Material of pyrolysis Reactor Q245R Q245R Q245R
8 Thickness of pyrolysis Reactor 16mm 16mm 16mm
9 Rotate speed of pyrolysis Reactor 0.4turn/minute 0.4turn/minute 0.4turn/minute
10 Total power 19KW 19KW 19KW
11 Mode of cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
12 Cooling area of condenser 100sqm 100sqm 100sqm
13 Kind of transmission Internal gear drive Internal gear drive Internal gear drive
14 Noise dB(A) ≤85 ≤85 ≤85
15 Size of Reactor(D×L) 2200×6000 2200×6600 2600×6600
16 Working form Intermittent operation Intermittent operation Intermittent operation
17 Delivery time 20days 20days 20days
18 Weight 27T 30T 35T


Prepared by customer about used of waste tyre pyrolysis plant

No. Item Consumption
1 Coal(for choice) 500kg/day
2 Wood(for choice) 800kg/day
3 Natural gas(for choice) 100-150kg/day
4 Oil(for choice) 300-350kg/day
5 Electricity 244kwh/day
6 Water(recycled) 60㎥ /month
7 Total power 19kw
8 Land area 35m*15m

How to deal with the final products made from waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

Fuel oil

pyrolysis plantFuel oil application


Carbon black

waste tyre pyrolysis plantCarbon black application

Carbon black produced from this system is crude powdery material, which can be directly sold to cement factory mix with cement. Or made into briquettes used for heating, just like coal. Or grinded into fine powder used for making paint and printing ink.

Steel wire

Scrap steel wire can be directly sold to iron recycling station or steel mill for further treatment.


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