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How much square feet space is needed to install the pyrolysis oil refinery machine?

Based on our installation experience, the space needed to install the pyrolysis oil refinery machine will be different from 15 to 225 square meters. Different models and different designs of pyrolysis oil refinery machines need different squares of feet spaces. And except for the main body of the pyrolysis oil refinery machine, there are still optional devices which clients could choose to install according to their demands.

The machine scales, designs and the choice of options devices all determinates the needed feet space to install the pyrolysis oil refinery machine.

Firstly, there are different models of DOING pyrolysis oil refinery machine, their daily processing capacities are 100kg, 500kg, 1t, 3t, 5t, 7t, 10t, 14t etc.

(1) Small scale: If you install the 100kg, 500kg pyrolysis oil refinery machine, it needs about 15-20 square meter space. You just need to find a small warehouse which could be used to install the equipment.

700-525 晓旭姐发货精炼.jpgSmall scale pyrolysis oil refinery machine

If you choose to install 1t or 3t capacity pyrolysis oil refinery machine without optional devices, you just need to prepare the 5mx10m square feet space.

(2)Middle scale: If you want to install the 5t or 7t processing capacity pyrolysis oil to diesel refinery machine, there will be two designs for your choice. If you use the traditional design with the liquid catalyst tank, it needs about 10mx10m land or 10mx15m square land, depending on the configuration you choose. If you install the new solid catalyst type machine, you need 5mx15m land, and the height of the factory will be high, it needs at least 12m.

pyrolysis oil refinery machineTwo different type pyrolysis oil refinery machine

(3)Big scale: If you choose to install 10t or 14t processing capacity pyrolysis oil refinery machine, the feet space needed is from 100㎡ to 225㎡ different, also depends on the design of machine you choose and the configuration you choose.

waste oil refinery machineDOING big scall waste oil refinery machine

And if you want to further install the options devices like decolorization and filtration equipment, then about another 4-10㎡ space will be needed. While making planning of the pyrolysis oil to diesel refinery plant, in addition to the equipment footprint, the material stock, the final product stock and the circulating water pool size also need to be considered.

But all in all, the needed feet space for installing the pyrolysis oil refinery machine is not very big. We could give professional guidance when you install the pyrolysis oil refinery machine, and we also could customize the layout for you according to your land size. So just feel free to contact us if you have the demand, best wishes.

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