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Which plastics are best for pyrolysis to oil?

As a very important plastic recycling method, pyrolysis plants are characterized by simple operation, environmental protection and no pollution. It can not only effectively solve the phenomenon of plastic pollution, but also obtain pyrolysis oil from it, which can be used as heating fuel for factories, and can even be refined by adding a distillation device to obtain diesel oil.

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So, what kind of plastic can be used to make oil? Which plastic has the highest oil yield and is best for pyrolysis into oil? In fact, most plastics can be pyrolyzed by DOING pyrolysis, but the oil yield of different types of plastics will vary greatly. The following is the oil yield of different plastics summarized by DOING, please kindly refer to:

1. PE (polyethylene), its oil yield can reach about 95%. Such as: water pipes, baby bottles, TV sets, washing machine casings, barrel materials, infusion bottles, etc.

2. PP (polypropylene), the oil yield is about 90%. Such as: yogurt bottles, microwave oven lunch boxes, plastic ropes, furniture, bottle caps, car bumpers, etc.

3. PS (polystyrene), the oil yield is around 90%. Such as: electrical appliances, appliances, toys, bowls, instant noodle boxes, fast food boxes, etc.

4. ABS (engineering plastics), the oil yield can reach about 40%. Such as: washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, computers, copiers and other electronic appliances.

5. Common paper mill waste in the market can also be used for pyrolysis. However, in order to improve its oil yield and speed up heating efficiency, it is best to dry it in advance to reduce its water content to less than 10%, and its oil yield can even reach 40-60% in dry conditions.

700x550不同种类塑料的出油率1.jpgDifferent has different oil yield

Note: Based on the experience of DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturing and installation business for more than 12 years, PET and PVC plastics are not suitable for pyrolysis technology.

In addition, the higher the purity of the plastic and the higher the degree of drying, the higher the final oil yield of the plastic. Normally speaking, pure and dry plastics with high oil yield is the best for pyrolysis to oil.

According to the content above, you can see most of the waste plastic can be recycled by pyrolysis plant. You can choose the best plastic raw materials for pyrolysis based on your needs and local market. For more knowledge of plastic recycling methods and details on waste plastic pyrolysis plants, please call or leave messages to Henan DOING Company.

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