pyrolysis plant video

Yemeni customer to visit DOING pyrolysis plant and oil refinery factory!

This video shows that  a Yemeni customer came to visit DOING pyrolysis plant and oil refinery factory on April 12, 2022.

The customer was interested in the 3TPD waste oil refining plant and wanted to buy a set of waste oil refining plant to put into production in Yemen, so he came to DOING factory for a visit. Afterwards, accompanied by our project manager, the Yemeni customer visited the production workshop of the company's factory. Our company accompanied the customer to introduce the waste oil refining plant product and production process in detail, and professionally answered the questions raised by the Yemeni customer. Customers are satisfied with our rich professional knowledge and company strength.

Through this visit, customers gave high evaluation and full affirmation to our waste oil refining plant process technology, production capacity and company strength. DONG Company will insist on product innovation and technological innovation and provide customers with better products and services. 


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