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Waste plastics to oil processing technology

  • Status of the domestic waste plastic
Waste plastics to oil processing methods currently exist in our country are several, one is made ​​of plastic recycled plastic granules , which requires higher -quality plastics such as beverage bottles ; second to make plastic to fuel oil, which is not have a high quality requirements for plastic, but currently many places, backward technology, equipment quality, safety measures, but off , and cause secondary pollution; third is direct incineration or landfill , this approach is simple but serious pollution of the environment .Domestic paper factory produced waste plastic generated in the process can be roughly sorted into two kinds of plastic, one is a high quality recycled plastic can be used as use of a quality is not high enough for the recycled plastic is not available the value of plastics, If other treatment would cause a lot of environmental pollution .
Currently paper factory processing waste plastics are mainly sold to middlemen in the form of the bid, as how to deal with middlemen, paper factories cannot control. Some unscrupulous brokers for their own benefit, at the expense of the environment with pollution, the use of immature granulation process, the use of outdated plant to derived plastic to oil, and finally those who cannot use plastic anywhere discarded, causing serious damage to the environment. As currently advocating environmental protection, responsible paper factories, fundamentally solve the problem of waste plastic pollution is imperative.
  • Industrial policy
In 1996, the national authorities have advocated waste plastic to oil refining, but due to the traditional oil refining presence immature technology, production equipment simple, process is not complete, unqualified oil, polluted and unsafe and other factors. 2001 by the State Economic and Trade Commission, SAIC, AQSIQ and the Environmental Protection Administration issued a moratorium on the production of waste plastic petrol diesel notice, noting that until the environmental protection measures can effectively control technology to promote the use of sophisticated technology before. Eleventh Five-Year period to the present Twelve five year basic principles of development planning made ​​it clear that support for new technologies , pollution control and waste recycling economy safe use projects. The waste plastic pollution treatment technology has authority of the department and the actual use from the equipment, processing technology, environmental protection, security and other aspects, in full compliance with the national standard. The year of 2011 has been classified as a new Ministry of Science and Technology of the new project. So this is a high-tech project is fully supported by the national industrial policy.
  • New Processing Technology of Waste Plastic
For this situation, We Henan DOING Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd developed a method for plastic derived to fuel oil, the main raw material can be used in general plastic waste (such as plastic bottles), but mainly from the use of such a value that no other polluting waste plastics derived fuel oil for paper factories to solve this historic problem. This Plastic to oil plant producing by us has a big different with other manufacturer. In some areas , a lot of people for the benefit of the driver, the use of outdated plant for derived fuel oil, commonly called "small refinery " means not only the quality of the equipment does not detect , but also a security risk , substandard product quality problems , more importantly cause serious secondary pollution , so in 2001 issued the " notice on Strengthening the use of waste plastics to produce oil, diesel oil management issues related to " strictly prohibited and banned small refineries .And our company DOING developed turn waste plastic to fuel oil plant, not only high quality and reliable plant, and high output oil quality can be obtained used for tracks, tractors and diesel oil generators etc with no pollution, the entire production process to achieve national environmental requirements.
  • Successful case ( see photo )
layout of our Mexico customer's factory
Layout of our Mexico customer's waste plastic to oil factory

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