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DOING testing device successfully verified used lube oil refining process

Today, April 12, our DOING engineers conduct a testing device to verify used lube oil refining process.

In the morning, we received a video shot by our engineers at DOING factory. The video shows the used lube oil refining process:

First, our engineer put the collected used lube oil into the testing reactor. From the video, we can see the used lube oil has black color, and cannot be used directly.

Then heat the distillation reactor. The thermometer figures keep going up and when the temperature reaches about 250℃, the used lube oil begins to be distilled into a oil gas.

Through a condenser pipe, the oil gas is cooled down to liquid diesel oil. The diesel oil generated is very clean with light yellow color.

This simulation machine is not equipped with purification system. The used oil recycling machine for sale manufactured by us DOING has this purification system, the diesel oil is even more cleaner and can be used for fuel in quite a few industrial machinery. Welcome to contact us to learn more details about used oil recycling machine.

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