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What pollution control system is adopted in waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

There are mainly three pollution produced in the operation of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, smoke, odor and sewage pollution. Our DOING company adopts advanced pollution control equipment to ensure that the waste tyre pyrolysis plant will not cause secondary pollution during the operation, achieve environmental protection and ensure the health and health of the working environment. Below I will detail the principles and functions of smoke, odor and sewage pollution control systems.

You may also know that in the tyre pyrolysis process, you need to use fuel to heat the reactor. You can choose different fuels, such as coal, heavy oil, diesel, natural gas, etc., but no matter which fuel you use, there will be smoke more or less during the combustion process. For the flue gas generated by different fuels, our company uses different dedusting equipment to maximize the smoke out. The following two pictures are the two types of smoke removal equipment used by our DOING company. The device uses water and catalyst to clean the flue gas.

pollution control in waste tyre pyrolysis plantsSmoke pollution control system of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant

In addition to the smoke pollution during heating, as well as the tail gas generated by the pyrolysis plant also have pollution. It is well known that the main component of the tail gas is methane, which can be recycled to the furnace for combustion, but unfortunately the tail gas is also mixed with a small amount of hydrogen sulfide gas. This hydrogen sulfide gas will have a bad odor when it burns with methane, seriously affect the working environment. Therefore, the tail gas deodorization device designed by our company is specially designed for hydrogen sulfide in the tail gas. As you can see from the figure below, the equipment uses our special padding to fully disperse the hydrogen sulfide and be cleaned by the water with catalyst. After the reaction, the hydrogen sulfide gas is removed, and the clean methane tail gas will return to the furnace to heating reactor without odor.

tyre pyrolysis plantOdor pollution control system of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Finally, during the operation of the pyrolysis plant, it also uses water to obtain liquid oil by circulating cooling oil gas. In order to avoid water pollution, our DOING company use professional condenser to cool the oil gas to ensure that the oil gas does not come into contact with the cooling water, and will not pollute the cooling water, so that the cooling water can be recycled for a long time.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantSewage pollution control system of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste tire pyrolysis plant is used to reduce tire pollution, so it must not reduce tire pollution while producing other pollution. If you want to recycle waste tires to reduce environmental pollution, please contact us, we will provide professional solutions and equipment.


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